The Motel Property

The Horseshoe Inn is located on 8 acres and is completely unique.  There are 32 rooms, which together make the shape of a horseshoe.  The interior of the horseshoe is a great yard for grilling, a game of horseshoes, or just relaxing.

The surrounding Horsehoe property is frequented by deer, all kinds of birds and other wildlife. In one field we have seen 7 bald eagles.  In another we have seen hundreds of antelope and in yet another, thousands of snow geese; handfulls of Sandhill Cranes, wildflowers of all kinds, and dozens of deer.  This is our bonus.  It is a pleasure to learn and find out more about this high desert area which is Harney County, Burns, and the Horseshoe Inn.

Please visit our gallery to see images of our property.